Certification Process

Management Systems Certification process consists of these steps:

  • Application and Contract : Your company submits an application and signs a contract (master agreement)
  • Audit Team Assignment : GMS Intercert Services assigns an auditor team
  • Document Review :We perform a document review (when required) for the management system (MS) and issue a report of conformance or non-conformance
  • On-Site Readiness Review (ORR-Stage 1 Audit) : As the first stage of the certification process, we verify readiness of the MS to continue with the certification process
  • Certification Audit (Stage 2) : Our audit team conducts an on-site audit to verify conformity to the specified standard
  • Independent Review : A certification board reviewer recommends the final certification/re-certification decision
  • Notification of Certification : We notify your organization in writing, issue the certificate and publish the certification in our online listings
  • Surveillance Audits : We perform annual audits to verify the MS is being maintained
Verify your Certificate
To verify the certificate please enter the certificate number in the form below and we will confirm if the certification details are valid and correct.

If you do not have the certificate number please email the organisation name that you would like to verify to info@gmsintercert.com and we will reply back at the earliest.

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