Why work with GMS Intercert Services?

  • We are an American Accredited Certification Body.
  • Our certificates are accepted worldwide.
  • Certifications services for over 35 international standards.
  • Over 3000 organizations certified, in over 40 countries
  • Trained and certified over 8000 Internal Auditors
  • Our Auditors & Certification Experts network in over 20 countries
  • Fast and flexible, in scheduling audits and processing certificates
  • Business-focussed audits, by industry experts
  • Competitive pricing and value-for-money
Verify your Certificate
To verify the certificate please enter the certificate number in the form below and we will confirm if the certification details are valid and correct.

If you do not have the certificate number please email the organisation name that you would like to verify to info@gmsintercert.com and we will reply back at the earliest.

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