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ISO 10002 Certification

ISO 10002 Certification provides guidance on the process of complaints handling which includes planning, design, operation and maintenance of complaint management within an organization. The complaints handling process described is suitable for use as one of the processes of an overall quality management system. The International standard provides a framework that the information obtained through the complaints handling process can lead to:

  • Improvement of products and processes,
  • Redressal of complaints
  • Improve the reputation of an organization,

Complaints Management System compliant with ISO 10002 Certification Standard is relevant to any organization that wishes to exceed customer expectations, a basic requirement for businesses of all types and sizes, whether they’re in the private, public or voluntary sectors and is applicable to all types of organizations irrespective of size, nature or geography such as Hospital, Health Care, Trading, Manufacturing, Service Companies, Software Companies, Construction, Medical Device, in India

ISO 10002 Certification provides the following Benefits:

  • ISO 10002 Certification addresses all aspects of complaints handling with benefits as below:
  • Ability to retain the loyalty of customers
  • Implementation & certification ensures a consistent process to handle customers, which enable to identify causes & eliminate the causes of complaints
  • The system helps to adopt a customer-focused approach to handle analysis and review complaints
  • It provides a basis for continual improvement
  • Provide complainants with an open, effective and easy-to-use complaints process etc.

What are the benefits of customer complaint management?

  • Achieve operational efficiency to identify trends and causes of complaints
  • Resolve more complaints by adopting a more customer-focused approach
  • Engage staff with new customer service training opportunities
  • Integrate ISO 10002 with ISO 9001 to improve overall efficiency
  • Monitor and continually improve your complaints handling process.

The Goal of the standard ISO 10002 Certification: The handling of complaints through a process as described in ISO 10002 should improve customer satisfaction. Encouraging customer feedback (not limited to complaints) should offer prospects to maintain or enhance customer loyalty and endorsement and improve domestic and international competitiveness.

Top tips for implementing ISO 10002 Certification

The ISO 13485 certification is a proof of Quality Management System compliance to the standard for organizations involved in the Medical Device industry. This approach is not only followed by Medical Device Manufacturers but also supporting organizations such as Subcontractors, Suppliers, European Authorized Representatives, specialized Consulting firms etc…

What are the benefits of being certified to ISO 13485?

Whether you are looking to operate internationally or expand locally, ISO 13485 Certification can help you improve overall performance, eliminate uncertainty, and widen market opportunities. Companies with this certification communicate a commitment to quality to both customers and regulators.

  • Increase access to more markets worldwide with certification
  • Outline how to review and improve processes across your organization
  • Increase efficiency, cut costs and monitor supply chain performance
  • Demonstrate that you produce safer and more effective medical devices
  • Meet regulatory requirements and customer expectations

Achieving ISO 13485 Certification

1. Get commitment and support from senior management.

2. Engage the whole business with good internal communication.

3. Compare existing management processes with ISO 10002 Certification requirements.

4. Get customer feedback on current complaints management.

5. Establish an implementation team to get the best results.

6. Map out and share roles, responsibilities and timescales.

7. Adapt the principles of ISO 10002 management systems to your business.

8. Motivate staff involvement with training and incentives.

9. Train staff to understand and use the ISO 10002 management system.

10. Regularly review your ISO 10002 system to make sure it remains effective and that you are continually improving it.

Our advice, go for it!

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